Labrador Retrievers

We are no longer breeding Labrador Retrievers. We have retired and rehomed our remaining dogs. We do not give references so please don’t ask. My advise would be just as when you want quality in other purchases in your life,  go to a professional and experienced breeder for best results. Thanks for the support of my labs over the years. They still remain and always will be part of my life. Incredible dogs that have been a joy to own and breed.  thank you.

Litter Details

Litter Info (# Males/Females, Parents)retired
Litter NumberNo future litters
Date Whelped
Sire's Sire
Sire's Dam
Sire's GrandSire
Sire's GrandDam
Sire's GreatGrandSire
Sire's GreatGrandDam
Dam's Sire
Dam's Dam
Dam's GrandSire
Dam's GrandDam
Dam's GreatGrandSire
Dam's GreatGrandDam